About Rodney’s Saga, Old Pages

Since I hate to throw anything out, even electrons, I have moved the old versions of the About page into this blog equivalent of an attic. [August 2014]

(Moved end of August 2014)
About the Blog: Short Version
Rodney is my horse. This is his story, along with other horse-related activities in my life. For more on Rodney and why it has been a saga, see Our Story So Far

For more on the blog itself and the various iterations, see About, Old Pages
(moved early August 2014)
About the Blog: Long Version
Below are the About page entries from various reinventions of the blog. Trying to decide if I should consolidate them or leave as an historical record, similar to the layers of Troy. [February 2014]

Rodney’s Saga Mark III
Latest blogging identity crisis here. Recovery from, here. To paraphrase myself, blogging doesn’t necessarily make me happy. It’s just that not blogging is worse. [Back]

Doctor Whooves watermark

Rodney’s Saga Mark II
The new governing aesthetic is whatever amuses me, as long as it can considered even tangentially equine.

The first version of this blog ran from Dec 22, 2011 to Dec 21, 2012. Theory for that version appears below. The revamped version formally began December 29, 2012. The gory details for the change in philosophy appear here. Mark I used a different WordPress theme, so my apologies if older posts look wonky under the new paradigm.

Explanation of gratuitous kitten/cat/dog photos:
In June, I posted my new kittens, just because. People responded well. Bloggers like people responding well. I attempt to keep the cuteness under control.

Rodney’s Saga Mark I
This was intended as a riding journal recounting profound insights on the training process. Turns out, I ain’t doing much training. Instead, it has become a random comment generator to see if I can keep coming up with an idea a day for an entire year.

For more details on Rodney’s progress, see Our Story So Far page in the header.

For more details on the blog’s origins, see below.

Blog history
[Related elsewhere. Consolidated here as the only active site.]
This began as a column, Back to Eventing, written for the USEA website. I wrote it for nine months before they changed their emphasis. I continued it on my own as Back to Riding with weekly updates on a Facebook page. Yes, my horse had his own Facebook page. Probably will again. [Later – he does, or at least his blog does.] In December of 2011, I consolidated the monthly Back To Riding and weekly Facebook into the daily Rodney’s Saga. I would prefer to be writing prize-winning and insightful pieces about my profession. However, with the economic downturn, I’m spending more time at the barn than in front of the computer keyboard. So, I am using my barn life instead of my writing life as fodder for a year-long exercise in blogging, Internet presence & public accountability.


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