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portage above St. Cloud, last one, the rest locks, Trail Journals: Speaker’s 2011
Mississippi River Journal, Wednesday, September 21, 2011


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08 Sept 2022, 232 miles.

Glory Days!: Index. found by surfing

St. Cloud Times: Mississippi River paddlers fight heat, low water levels this summer, Most, 2021. Dan Faust & Steven Vogel


Bluffs to Bayous: One Man’s Solo Kayak Expedition Down the Mississippi and Atchafalaya Rivers, by Byron Curtis (‎Great Rivers 2003). No blog, website or ebook, that I can find. GD! rx.

Traveling Riverside Blog, Linnea & Dave. “” Gone? GD! rx.

Old Glory, by Jonathan Raban. NPR: A Slow, Glorious Trip Down the Mississippi, Horwitz 2008. surfing.

Into the Wide Open by Dominick. GD! rx

RiverGator” web site by John Rusky. Starts in St. L. Gd! rx.

Mississippi River Paddlers Faceebook, GD! rx


23 Sept, 241 miles

Trail Journals: Speaker’s 2011, Mississippi River Journal, Friday, September 09, 2011. surfing

Photos by Speaker, flickr: Mississippi River, nice photo set

Trail Journals: Mississippi River, 11 more to read, same site as Speaker


March 2022, 185 miles, Minnesota

Lots of links posted at beginning of project. Have wandered away from updating this page at the moment.

[One Road Ends, Another Begins, Virtually] Discussion of different projects

Mississippi River
Great River Road
Mississippi River Trail

Mississippi trips are a huge genre in books & blogs. I must abandon any hope of compiling a complete list. Listed in order of discovery.

The Urge to be Someplace Else: Canoeing the Mississippi River. TofC. The UTBSE: Logistics page, a short overview of the mechanics, gives a feeling for the entire trip. Trip in 2003, written up after retirement in 2011, About. Solo journalist in canoe.

Sierra Club: Paddling the Lower Mississippi Ain’t a Huck Finn Journey Anymore. By Boyce Upholt, 2018. Trip in 2017. Guided, group trip in canoes.

Doing Miles: Mississippi River: Source to Sea by Canoe. Trip in 2014. Two in a canoe. Long photo series. Recommends The Control of Nature & Uncommon Carriers by John McPhee. Their divisions:
Headwaters, Itasca to Upper Saint Anthony Lock in Minneapolis, 484 miles.
Upper Mississippi, first lock to the last lock, St. Louis, 664 miles.
Middle Mississippi, Saint Louis to confluence with the Ohio River, 190 miles.
Lower Mississippi, Ohio River to the Old River Lock, 650 miles.
Outlet, via New Orleans, 300 miles, or via Atchafalaya mileage not given.

The Big Trip: Paddling the Mississippi: The Plan. First post. Rx by Doing Miles. Trip & posts in 2012. German Tourist (seriously, her trail nickname is GT) and friend in two kayaks. Blog has accounts of many long hikes, canoes, & bike rides around the world., Buck 30: The Mississippi River!. First entry. Co-traveler with GT.

Outdoor Adventures: Canoeing the Mississippi River. First post. Rx by Buck30, who also rxed Urge to Be Someplace Else. I have hit search reentry.

Roadtrip with a Raindrop: 90 Days Along the Mississippi River by Gayle Harper (Acclaim Press 2014). Posts to be included as they coincide, Roadtrip with a Raindrop Series. Started, need to finish.

Mississippi Solo by Eddy Harris (Lyons 1988, Holt reprint 1998). Canoe trip.

Bicycling Guide To The Mississippi River Trail: A Complete Route Guide Along The Mississippi River by Bob Robinson. Planned to use this to figure out my mileage. Turns out the river is marked in miles by the USArmyCOE. Who knew? Well, clearly lots of folks. I had no idea.

Bridging the Mississippi: Spans across the Father of Waters by Philip Gould & Margot H. Hasha (LSU 2020). Related website, John Weeks: The Bridges And Structures Of The Mississippi River. Started, need to finish.

An Unnatural Metropolis: Wresting New Orleans From Nature by Craig E. Colten (LSU 2004)

Central USA & Mississippi River (International Travel Maps). Paper.

Avenza Maps app with map from Minnesota Dept of Natural Resources, 2019. Digital.

Book Wish List
Beyond Control: The Mississippi River’s New Channel to the Gulf of Mexico (America’s Third Coast Series) by James F. Barnett Jr. (UP Mississippi 2017). When I get closer to.



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