Biking Virtually, Great Ocean Road, The Sequel

Yes.Fit: Great Ocean Road. 154.8 miles.

Scroll down to start. Entries read from bottom up. Streetview screenshots chosen for maximum scenery regardless of direction.

April 5, 2021. IRL 4.25. Proof of concept there & back. Virtually 52.52 miles, 33.9%.

Interim. Got away from biking on weekends.

February 27, 2021. IRL 9.3. RR, there & back. Numbers slightly off b/c Greg had phone. Warm. No pocketeses. Didn’t think that thru. May stop carrying phone all together.

February 20, 2021. IRL 6.84. Short railroad, there & back. Slightly different turnaround point. I’m just not liking app-based exercise. Yes, carry phone for emergencies. Remember to turn on. Check that it’s working. Remember to turn off. No, thanks. Particularly since we bike the same routes. Even if we don’t, I can check the miles later. Stuck with tracking for Virtual Tevis since we are not on roads. I don’t mind using a tracking app for walks since my hands are free. I can walk & operate a phone at the same time. So now I know. Virutally, Wongarra. Total 39 miles. 25.2%

February 20, 2021. IRL 6.81. Short railroad, there & back. App worked. Me, not so much. Tires got air. Helped a bit. Still struggling to do 7 when we used to do 10 with ease. Sigh. Virtually, Separation Creek. Total 32.1 miles, 20.8%.

February 14, 2021. IRL 6.89 miles (5.8+1.09), Railroad to driveway turnaround point, there & back. Slog. Either tire was flat or legs were. App continues to be hard to work with. When I turned it on, it was at the end of the previous workout. Oh, it tracks continuously. Interesting. I rolled off. Stopped to check. No, it was stuck. It recorded time but not mileage. Logged in and out & shut it down several times before its knickers got untwisted. Since I don’t wear my glasses to bike, all of this was done with me standing by the side of the road, squinting at buttons that weren’t working. Once I got it going, I was partway into the ride. Afterwards, had to manually add the missing mileage. Sigh. Virtually, Lorne. Total 25.2 miles. 15.7%.

February 13, 2021. IRL 9.2 miles. Railroad there & back. Same route, tracked slightly shorter. 58:25 min. Total 18.4 miles of 154.8, 11.9%.

February 7, 2021. IRL 9.23 miles. Railroad there & back. 58:03 min. Slow even for me. Kept stopping to check that tracker was working. Ended up manually entering. I had not “started” the race. When I “started” it recorded in the wrong time zone. Now I have to wait for reality to catch up to see what the next step is. Learning curve is annoying at the moment. I suspect this will end up being very phone/app-based. While I don’t object to this in principle, I also want the capacity call it up on my desktop for a better view. YMMV Found it. More learning curve. Virtually, Anglesea. Total miles 9.23, 6%.

Icebreaker – Completed 1 Workout

First Steps – Completed 1 Mile

Same ride; different company. For comparison. [Great Ocean Road I]

Believer – Joined your First Race


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