Biking Virtually, Inca Trail

The Conqueror Virtual Challenges: The Inca Trail Virtual Marathon, Peru, 26.2 miles
Intro post [Virtual Bling]
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Scroll down to start. Entries read from bottom up.

April 9, 2020. Short farmhouse loop 8 miles, Total 26.2 miles.
100% complete

April 8, 2020. Proof of concept ride, 5 miles, Total 23 miles.
This is the first ride we do after a break, to prove we remember how to bike. Today was about fitting in a quick ride before work and rain.
88% complete

Still not sure which way I am headed.

Unlike my last virtual stop, this is on a road. I assume this is the vehicle carrying the Google camera.

April 6, 2020. Short farmhouse loop, 8 miles. Total 18 miles.
69% complete

Virtual stop. I don’t know if I am going virtually up or down. Pretty cool either way.

April 5, 2020. Long farmhouse loop, 10 miles. Total 10 miles.
38% complete
Virtual stop just before Warmi Wañusqa, Dead Woman’s Pass, highest point of the trail. Elevation 4,215m (13,828 ft, 2.6 miles)

Medal and award images from The Conqueror Virtual Challenges. Screenshots courtesy of The Conqueror Virtual Challenges & Google Streetview.


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