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The Conqueror Virtual Challenges: Route 66, Chicago to LA, USA, 2280 miles
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July 10, 2020. Farmhouse there & back, with appendage. 9 miles.

McLean, Texas, United States. Team Total 1041 miles. 45%. “By 1940 the population was around 1,500 and in 1943 a German P.O.W. Camp was built, providing some jobs for the town – but having the unforeseen negative effect at having local women marry American guards and move away.” Texas Escapes: McLean, Texas.

July 9, 2020. Farmhouse there & back, with appendage. 9 miles.

Shamrock, Texas, United States. Team Total 1029 miles. 45%. “Most recently, on March 14th, 2013, the 83rd Texas House Legislature passed HCR83, designating the Shamrock St. Patrick’s Day Celebration as the official St. Patrick’s Day Celebration for the State of Texas.” Shamrock Texas: Annual St. Patrick’s Day Celebration. The city website also has a Route 66 page. “Shamrock is proud to be the first Route 66 city in Texas upon approach from the east.” Shamrock Texas: Historic Route 66.

July 8, 2020. Farmhouse there & back. 7.5 miles. New route, less dog. Shorter, aiming for faster pace. Whew.

Shamrock, Texas, United States. Team Total 1017 miles. 44%. State 5 of 8!

July 7, 2020. Modified Farm House loop. 9 miles. Too many loose dogs. Will be changing route.

Erick, Oklahoma, United States. Team Total 1005 miles. 44%. We’ve hit quadruple digits! Erick gave us, “King of the Road” & “Purple People Eater.” according to this tour of the town, The Road Wanderer: Erick, Oklahoma. From the same site, Route 66 Caravan Road Log: The Sandhills Curiosity Shop, Harley and Annabelle the Mediocre Musicians. Satellite photo shows irrigation circles, I assume?

July 6, 2020. Modified Farm House loop. 9 miles.

July 5, 2020. Modified Farm House loop. 9 miles. As with other ridden activities, getting the saddle adjusted correctly makes a big difference.

Canute, Oklahoma, United States. Team Total 960 miles. 42%. National Register of Historic Places. National Park Service: Canute – Canute Service Station. Photos if you click over twice & scroll down.

July 4, 2020. Modified Farm House loop, reverse. 9 miles.

Clinton, Oklahoma, United States. Team Total 947 miles. 41%. Big attraction is the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum, City of Clinton, Oklahoma Historical Society. One of 11, Wiki: List of Route 66 museums. OK has three. On a separate note, what are these square plots all over the landscape?? House include for size contrast. Cows? Oil?

July 3, 2020. Modified Farm House loop. 9 miles.

Weatherford, Oklahoma, United States. Team Total 931 miles. 40%. Owl Blacksmith Shop is in (on?) the National Register of Historic Places. The Oklahoman: He Doesn’t Shoe Horses Blacksmith Runs Historic Shop. By Jim Etter. October 17, 1983. NPS, photo.

July 2, 2020. Modified Farm House loop. 9 miles. pnd.

Weatherford, Oklahoma, United States. Team Total 919 miles. 40%. So much more excited about the percent badges, now that it takes two weeks to get one, rather than two days [Biking Virtually, New Zealand].

July 1, 2020. Red Barn loop. 10 miles. Swapped activities, horses in am, bike in pm. (Posted next day. Does this matter?)

Hinton, Oklahoma, United States. Team Total 907 miles. 39%. Top photo, we go from superhighway to sidewalk. Bottom photo, along top of frame, “The Canadian River is the largest tributary of the Arkansas River.” Oklahoma Forestry Services: Canadian River Riparian Forest Restoration

June 30, 2020. Modified Farm House loop. 9 miles.

Calumet, Oklahoma, United States. Team Total 890 miles. 39%. From the looks of the map, there will be a lot highway from here on out. Highway is good for speed and safety, not so good for stopping for snacks. “Heading west from El Reno, Oklahoma on Route 66, this earliest alignment (1926-1934) of the Mother Road travels through a number of small towns that show the obvious suffering that results from superhighways bypassing small towns. The first three, Calumet, Geary, and Bridgeport were cut off very early in the Mother Road’s history when the El Reno bypass took them off the route in 1934.” Legends of AMerica: Calumet, Oklahoma – An Old Stretch of Route 66.

June 29, 2020. Modified Farm House loop. 9 miles.

El Reno, Oklahoma, United States. Team Total 875 miles. 38%. Famous for the fried onion burger. “These ‘Depression burgers’ contained about half a bulb’s worth of shredded onions, cooked into one side of the meat … The result was a sizzling, savory, and slightly sweet mess of crispy, sprawling onions punctuated by tender bits of ground beef.” Gastro Obscura: Fried Onion Burgers. Sounds good!

June 28, 2020. Same as yesterday. 10 miles. +1 adjustment to yesterday on website. Did 10 miles. Used to putting down 9 miles.

Yukon, Oklahoma, United States. Team Total 863 miles. 37%. “Most residents work in Oklahoma City.” The Route-66: About Yukon, Oklahoma. Of interest, Express Clydesdales.

June 27, 2020. Red Barn loop, reverse. 10 miles.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States. Team Total 843 miles. 37%. To me, OKC will always mean Old Kentucky Chocolates [Time For A Little Smackerel]. In the car dealership to our right, I notice that the sales cars appear to be under cover. Sun? Snow? Could be both. “Oklahoma City, the summers are hot and muggy, the winters are very cold and windy.” Weather Spark: Average Weather in Oklahoma City . Postcard from Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum.

June 26, 2020. Modified Farm House loop. 9 miles.

Luther, Oklahoma, United States. Team Total 825 miles. 36%. “The station was one of a very few places on Route 66 where people of color were welcome during an age when African American children setting out on trips asked their parents why they needed to carry so much food and water, as well as toilet paper and empty jars.” National Park Service: Threatt Filling Station

June 25, 2020. Modified Farm House loop, reverse. 9 miles. Same elevation. Same amount of work. Why does it feel harder going the other way?

Wellston, Oklahoma, United States. Team Total 813 miles. 35%. Route 66 changed alignment several times. Wellston sued to keep the road going through town. They ended up with both. For details, Legends of America: Wellston OK. Town photos, flickr: mrchriscornwell photography.

June 24, 2020. Modified Farm House loop. 9 miles.

Chandler, Oklahoma, United States. Team Total 801 miles. 35%. “The city was named “Pecan Capital of the World” in 1949 by the state legislature in view of production and processing of the locally grown nuts.” Chandler OK: About. Texas would beg to differ. “Welcome to San Saba, Texas… ‘The Pecan Capital of the World!’ ” San Saba Texas: About Us, County History. As would Georgia, “Albany, the Pecan Capital of the World.” Albany Georgia. Because I went down that rabbit hole, “In a Nutshell, 80% of the world’s pecan supply is grown in the United States. 15 American states grow pecans commercially.” U.S. Pecans

June 23, 2020. Modified Farm House loop. 9 miles. Nothing on the radar. The radar lied.

Bristow, Oklahoma, United States. Team Total 769 miles. 33%. For your vicarious travel viewing pleasure, Greg Disch Photography: Bristow Oklahoma Route 66 Photography. Website lists 20 other places along OK Route 66 that Disch photographed.

June 22, 2020. Modified Farm House loop. 9 miles.

Kellyville, Oklahoma, United States. Team Total 757 miles. 33%. Bourbon MO was also established around a general store (May 25). Wonder how often that happened. “The town first got its start in 1892 when a man named James E. Kelly leased a location from the Indian Agency in Muskogee and established a trading post southeast of Bakers Junction. The next year, Kelly made a deal with the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad to move the trading post and settlement near the railroad track east of Bakers Junction. In return, they would name the town after him.” Legends of America: Kellyville, Oklahoma – Small Town America

June 21, 2020. Rubber Duck loop. 9.4 miles. Hilly, but I handled it. Go me. Note to self, easy rides = conversation and scenery. Hard rides = staring at road. I usually lop off the tenths. Not today. I am claiming every inch of this one.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States. Team Total 742 miles. 32%. Sidestepping the issue of whether to be somber or silly on the subject of Tulsa, some general reading on Route 66.

“U.S. Highway 66 both shaped and reflected the transformation of Oklahoma in the twentieth century as it became arguably the most popular, and certainly one of the most important, roads in the nation.” Oklahoma Historical Society: Route 66

“Before it came to be defined by its neon signage and quirky tourist attractions, the National Trust’s newest National Treasure represented a path that could lead to a better life, albeit fraught with peril and uncertainty.” National Trust For Historical Preservation: The Road of Flight: Three Authors Reflect on Their Route 66 Novels

POV. I’m all for preserving the road and its history. Will probably donate somewhere when this is done. However, I personally have no desire to get any closer to 1930’s America, art deco gas stations, or classic motor courts. This virtual trip is enough.

June 20, 2020. Red Barn loop. 10 miles.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States. Team Total 729 miles. 32%. A good day to be traveling virtually. Map puts us 9 miles from BOK Center. I wonder what IRL travelers do about keeping up with local conditions as they pass through towns.

June 19, 2020. Modified Farm House loop. 9 miles.

Claremore, Oklahoma, United States. Team Total 712 miles. 31%. The official Claremore tourism site has a Selfie Spot page. That’s a new one on me. “We have picked out ten of the top spots for a selfie so you won’t miss them! Be sure to hashtag #visitclaremore when you post them to social media.” ibid. I feel old.

June 18, 2020. Modified Farm House loop. 9 miles.

Claremore, Oklahoma, United States. Team Total 700 miles. 30%. We rolled through Foyil ten miles before getting to Claremore. “Ed Galloway’s Totem Pole Park is the oldest and largest example of a folk art environment in Oklahoma; its construction lasting from 1937 to 1961. Totem Pole Park contains the original, highly decorated creations of Galloway, one of Oklahoma’s premier folk artists and significant in the “visionary art” movement. National Park Service: Ed Galloway’s Totem Pole Park

June 17, 2020. Modified Farm House loop. 9 miles.

Chelsea, Oklahoma, United States. Team Total 684 miles. 30%. Second photo is looking back, since there was more to look at that way. “You wouldn’t know it by the looks of it, but Chelsea used to be one of the largest towns in Oklahoma.” Moon: Route 66 Sights Through Chelsea, Oklahoma. Because of this, underpasses were built. One has been restored & decorated with murals. Photos, TravelOK: Route 66 Pedestrian Underpass Mural. More Photos, Roadside America: Walk Under Route 66.

June 16, 2020. Modified Farm House loop. 9 miles.

Vinita, Oklahoma, United States. Team Total 672 miles. 29% complete. Fiddling with optimal ratio for street view captures. In other news, how can you not respect a place that leads off with this on their official page? “With a population of nearly 5,700 friendly and 2 awfully ornery residents …” City of Vinitia

June 15, 2020. Modified Farm House loop. 9 miles. Weekend off for walks.

Monkey Island/Afton, Oklahoma, United States. Team Total 657 miles. 28% complete. Program says one thing; street view says another. Map indicates Afton, near MI. “Afton is located in Oklahoma’s ‘Tornado Alley’ and experiences around nine Tornado watches every year. Afton OK. Afton is the home of one of the last pieces of the Ribbon Road, a nine-foot-wide road, the width of the average sidewalk. “The story goes that Oklahoma, barely a state in the early 1920s (they entered the union in 1907), was short on cash, and highways are expensive. They needed a solid roadbed, so to cut costs they cut width.” Atlas Obscura: Route 66 Sidewalk Highway

June 12, 2020. Modified Farm House loop. 9 miles.

Picher, Oklahoma, United States. Team Total 629 miles. 27% complete. New team member & state #4. We be rolling! My map estimate, 393 miles in OK. Had to take a guess which direction I am heading. Not an abundance of landmarks. When I went back to double check, team had scooted down the road another 7 miles. Yay!

June 11, 2020. Modified Farm House loop. 9 miles.

Galena, Kansas, United States. Team Total 613 miles. 26% complete. State #3. 13 miles.

June 10, 2020. Modified Farm House loop. 9 miles.

Joplin, Missouri, United States. Team Total 601 miles. 26% complete.

For serious. “Have you heard of the Peanut Man? George Washington Carver was an agronomist who invented over 300 products made from peanuts.” George Washington Carver National Monument. Learned about him during a tour of Tuskegee University. Impressive dude.

For fun. “The Museum has a number of display cases, each containing a collection of different cutters. Some of those display advertising cutters, tinsmith’s cutters, European cutters, etc.” National Cookie Cutter Historical Museum, photos Atlas Obscura. Who knew there were so many kinds of cookie cutters.

June 9, 2020. Modified Farm House loop. 9 miles. Rain in last mile, again, with a brief touch of hail. In June?!

Carthage, Missouri, United States. Team Total 588 miles. 25% complete. Street view taken off back of tracking car. I “am” in the right lane heading west.

June 8, 2020. Modified Farm House loop. 9 miles. AM ride. Fitting in mileage before three days of rain. Almost. Last mile had rain and headwind. Who am I? Also, when did I become a morning person?

Carthage, Missouri, United States. Team Total 579 miles. 25% complete. Self-titled “America’s Maple Leaf City,” Carthage has a yearly maple leaf festival that includes a Dachshund Race, photo. Street view was live but dark, taken at night I guess. Map instead.

June 7, 2020. Red Barn loop. 10 miles. Already feeling the Gulf air & breezes from Cristobal.

Ash Grove, Missouri, United States. Team Total 550 miles. 24% complete. Gary’s Gay Parita is the big attraction here. “Recreation of a 1930 Sinclair gas station.” VisitMO:GGP

June 5, 2020. Short Farmhouse loop. 8 miles.

Springfield, Missouri, United States. Team Total 530 miles. 23% complete. A telegram sent from a hotel in Springfield was the first to suggest 66 for the proposed highway from Chicago to LA. Springfield: History of Route 66

June 4, 2020. Short Farmhouse loop. 8 miles. AM ride.

Strafford, Missouri, United States. Team Total 520 miles. 22% complete. “The only town in the US to have Two Main Streets, both of which were part of Route 66.” Strafford

June 3, 2020. Short Farmhouse loop. 8 miles. AM ride.

Marshfield, Missouri, United States. Team Total 505 miles. 22% complete. Edwin Hubble went to school in Marshfield as a child. “A replica of the famous Hubble Telescope … sits on the courthouse lawn in his honor.” City of Marshfield: History. We are now on the positive side of the target location supplied by the program.

June 2, 2020. Short Farmhouse loop. 8 miles. AM ride.

June 1, 2020. Short Farmhouse loop. 8 miles.

Conway, Missouri, United States. Team Total 486 miles. 21% complete. “There are Two Conway’s on Route 66. The second one is located in Texas.” Conway.

May 31, 2020. Scenic hay field loop. Partially new. 8 miles. Pre-breakfast ride. Heading into the part of year when early morning is the only time to do anything useful outside.

Lebanon, Missouri, United States. Team Total 475 miles. 20% complete. I’m getting the idea that Route 66 is big in these parts. Roadside America, Lebanon, Missouri: Route 66 Museum. Plus, the Visit Lebanon site has a Route 66 page that lists three sites original to Route 66 – motel, market, and inn – and two placed dedicated to 66 – the museum and a park with three Route 66 murals.

May 30, 2020. Short Farmhouse loop. 8 miles.

May 29, 2020. Red Barn Loop, 10 miles. Tired. Legs had no zip. No obvious reason, just not my day.

Rolla, Missouri, United States. Team Total 419 miles. 18% complete. West side of town.

May 28 2020. Short Farmhouse loop. 8 miles.

Rolla, Missouri, United States. Team Total 405 miles. 17% complete. The city in “The Middle Of Everywhere” has a mini-Stonehenge, built to show off the stone carving capacity of the local university. Roadside America: Stubby Stonehenge.

May 27, 2020. Short Farmhouse loop. 8 miles. Brief rain squall. Knee recovering from yesterday’s sprint.

Cuba, Missouri, United States. Team Total 392 miles. 17% complete. Still in Cuba, MO. Must be on the other side of town. The map says we are in Fanning, MO, where Route 66 is named Missouri Supplemental Route ZZ, Wikipedia: Fanning, Missouri. “In the 1950’s The Missouri Dept. of Transportation acquired many more routes-mostly abandoned portions of highway and some county roads. … The plan was that no farm, home or business would be more than 2 miles from a state highway.” Quora: Why are roads in Missouri named with letters instead of numbers? “Of the 26 letters of the alphabet, six of them are conspicuously absent from Missouri road signs.” MoDOT: I’d like to buy a vowel.

May 26, 2020. Proof of Concept, there & back. 5 miles. Short, sharp ride between a late Zoom meeting & too dark to ride. Light, steady rain. Had dual effect of cooling the air & motivating me to go faster in order to get home sooner.

Cuba, Missouri, United States. Team Total 384 miles. 16% complete. “Today Viva Cuba maintains 14 murals and Cuba is known as ‘Route 66 Mural City’.” Viva Cuba. “The ‘Uptown Cuba Historic District’ is listed on the National Register of Historic Places … ‘ “Viva Cuba’s Outdoor Mural Project’ … they tell Cuba’s history from 1857 and its link to US 66.” Route 66 Sights in Cuba. No street view available.

May 25, 2020. Short Farmhouse loop. 8 miles.

Bourbon, Missouri, United States. Team Total 376 miles. 16% complete. “The barrel of whiskey was hauled to the construction project, and the Irishmen could go to “Bourbon” whenever they wanted a drink. Turner’s store came to be called the “Bourbon” store, and the railroad workers soon called the entire area Bourbon.

When a post office was established in September 1853, the name was given as “Bourbon in the village of St. Cloud “. The town was never located at the proposed village, but was built further west where the steam engines could stop and start where there was no grade. Virtually Bourbon: History.

May 24, 2020. Three barn loop. 10 miles. Went further afield for new scenery. Rolling. Given the way I bike, that means plodding uphill and crawling downhill. I’m neither a strong rider for the ups, nor a blazing descender for the downs. Not clear which way I am slower. OTOH, wasn’t hard, just slow. So, progress.

Sullivan, Missouri, United States. Team Total 365 miles. 16% complete. The Virtual Chalenge program sent a postcard. I’d pick Meramec Caverns or the Rt. 66 Hydrant Mural Project (more hydrant info), over a museum that idolizes a bank robber. Chacun & all that.

May 23, 2020. Coke sign route, there & back. 9 miles. Wind at your back on the way home = Superstar!

Union, Missouri, United States. Team Total 351 miles. 15% complete. Now in the Ozark mountains. So I assume since yesterday was Pacific, Missouri – Gateway to the Ozarks. Legends of America. Street view wonky. I get the idea. More access road.

May 22, 2020. Short Farmhouse loop. 8 miles. Windy.

Pacific, Missouri, United States. Team Total 337 miles. 14% complete. Mileage jump from team member updating miles. “The silica mining caves in Pacific were exposed to the outside world in 1932 when the sandstone bluffs were excavated for the widening of Route 66.” Roadside America: Route 66 Mining Caves. Includes memorials for deceased children and for fallen military personnel, with statuettes of kids in the cave remnants. That’ll trip the Weird-O-Meter. State 2 of 8.

May 21, 2020. Short Farmhouse loop. 8 miles.

Mount Olive, Illinois, USA. Team Total 249 miles. 10% complete. Map parsing indicates that the photo was taken off the back of the Google Map vehicle going north. I am headed south. Mount Olive says there are 37 places in the world named Mount Olive, 26 of them in America. Also, Australia (4), Jamaica (3), New Zealand (2), South Africa (1), and Canada (1). There are 21 cities named Mount Olive, 18 in America, 3 in Jamaica. Remember when we had to look this stuff up in an encyclopedia? In the snow? Uphill? Both ways?

May 20, 2020. Short Farmhouse loop. 8 miles.

Litchfield, Illinois, USA. Team Total 238 miles. 10% complete. “Our Historic Route 66 display features Bob Waldmire maps and drawings, an original Route 66 road sign, a gas pump, an old automobile and much more, including a flip-chart with pictures, then and now, of businesses along this area of the ‘Mother Road.’ “ Litchfield Museum & Route 66 Welcome Center: Museum History. Highway off to right in photo.

May 19, 2020. Red Barn Loop, 10 miles.

Waggoner, Illinois, USA. Team Total 227 miles. ?% complete. Since my phone is a brick at the moment, app not available. Desktop version doesn’t give %, that I can find. OTOH, no 10% award yet and math says we are juuuuust under 10%, 227/2280. “It was named for George Waggoner who was one of the first settlers in the area. He came from Kentucky.” The Route 66: All about Waggoner, Illinois Cute main street pic over there.

May 16, 2020. Red Barn Loop, 10 miles.

Divernon, Illinois, USA. Team Total 209 miles. 9% complete. The village of Divernon is gamifying the census response. “Congratulations, Divernon for moving up from 17th place to 13th place in the last week!! Let’s do even better this week! … Also, congratulations Rochester for remaining number one for the second week in a row for Sangamon County in the percentage of households who have responded to the census! Rochester is number 5 and Sherman is number 6 in all of Illinois – among 1,300 cities, towns and villages! That is a significant achievement that we all can be proud of!” Plus a table that gives the top 26 in “Response Rates – the percentage of households responding by city/village in Sangamon County.” Village of Divernon: home page. Quoted May 16, 2020. Page likely to change over time.

May 15, 2020. Red Barn Loop, 10 miles.

Springfield, Illinois, USA. Team Total 193 miles. 8% complete. Heading south on North Peoria Road. East Joles Avenue is the cross street. Got a digital postcard for arriving in Springfield. Route 66 News: Site of Shea’s Route 66 Gas Station Museum back up for sale.

May 14, 2020

Roadside Attraction

Short Farmhouse loop. 8 miles.

Williamsville, Illinois, USA. Team Total 179 miles. 8% complete. The village of Williamsville has a Route 66 Webcam.

May 13, 2020. Short Farmhouse loop. 8 miles. Wind at our back more often that not. Getting warm enough that wind in our faces had a cooling effecting. Saying this to make a point of noting when bread lands butter side up.

Lincoln, Illinois, USA. Team Total 168 miles. 7% complete. South of town next to Logan Correctional Center. “Lincoln is also the only city in the world named for and christened by Abraham Lincoln before he became President.” City of Lincoln: Welcome. No street view available. Because prison?

May 12, 2020. Short Farmhouse loop. 8 miles.

Atlanta, Illinois, USA. Team Total 156 miles. 7% complete.”Abraham Lincoln frequently visited close friends in Atlanta, while riding the 8th Judicial Circuit as a young prairie lawyer.” Illinois Route 66:Atlanta Community Profile & Itinerary. The second entry on the menu for the civic page of Atlanta, Illinois, is City of Atlanta: Route 66 Attractions. Not the tourist site, the civic site, the one for city services etc.

May 11, 2020. Short Farmhouse loop. 8 miles. For weeks the skies have been bright & beautiful. Clearer than I though possible for Alabama. Alas, not today. Partially reopen equals more cars on the road. Dome of the sky still blue; looking washed out along the horizon. No visible smog, just less color and crispness.

McLean, Illinois, USA. Team Total 144 miles. 6% complete. Next to the Thaddeus Stubblefield Grove Nature Preserve south of Bloomington.

State – Miles
Illinois – 301
Missouri – 317
Kansas – 13
Oklahoma – 432
Texas – 186
New Mexico – 487
Arizona – 401
California – 314
TOTAL – 2,448
Travel Guide to Historic Route 66: The Mother Road

This “alignment” of Route 66 totals 2,448 miles instead of our 2280 miles. Gives the general idea. Gonna be at this for a while, even with a team.

May 10, 2020. Red Barn Loop, 10 miles. Spent 3 miles following a family out with horse & wagon. Fun to listen to the clip-clip & watch the horses in the fields run up to their fencelines, “Dude, do you know that thing is following you?”.

Bloomington, Illinois, USA. Team Total 133 miles. 6% complete. Rolling along next to the Highland Park Golf Course in the middle of town. Jumped from Chicago to here because doing as Team. Never get the mileage done by myself, even in their maximum time of a year & half. Red dot shows where program estimates we should be by now. Rest of team from Georgia. Hence the peach. State 1 of 8.

Mile 0

Lakeshore Drive, Chicago, Illinois, USA

“The highway winds from the shores of Lake Michigan across the agricultural fields of Illinois, to the rolling hills of the Missouri Ozarks, through the mining towns of Kansas, across Oklahoma where the woodlands of the East meet the open plains of the West, to the open ranch lands of Texas, the enchanted mesa lands of New Mexico and Arizona, to the Mojave Desert, and finally to the “land of milk and honey” – the metropolis of Los Angeles and the shores of the Pacific Ocean.” National Park Service: Route 66 Overview

“Route 66 got ‘realigned’ (re-routed) many times throughout its existence. These changes created multiple Route 66 alignments over time … The most famous alignment will be the one that was named Route 66 in 1926. But it is typically also the most difficult to retrace today as it is the most interrupted into dead-end sections, reclaimed by nature (many of the oldest alignments were never even paved). ” Historic Route 66 Overview: Which Route 66 alignment do I pick?

Medal and award images from The Conqueror Virtual Challenges. Screenshots courtesy of The Conqueror Virtual Challenges & Google Street View/Maps.


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