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Monthly Column for EventingUSA 2010/2011, reposted in RS/VBB

[BTE 1 of 9: How I Won the Training Level AEC]
[BTE 2 of 9: The Cast Assembles]
[BTE 3 of 9: The AEC, a Realization in Five Phases]
[BTE 4 of 9: New Horse Blues]
[BTE 5 of 9: Buying the Horse is Only the Beginning]
[BTE 6 of 9: Back To Square One]
[BTE 7 of 9: Getting to Know You]
[BTE 8 of 9: Spring Fitness]
[BTE 9 of 9: Forward Planning]
List of all nine direct USEA links

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Monthly blog, reposted in RS/VBB

[Repost BTR, July 2011: SITREP]
[BTR 2 of 7, August 2011: SIT[uation]REP[ort] II – The Horse]
[BTR 3 of 7, September 2011: My Two Horses]
[BTR 4 of 7, October 2011: Aftermath of an Explosion]
[BTR 5 of 7, November 2011: Weekend with Wofford]
[BTR 6 of 7, Livin’ Large: December 2011]
[BTR 7 of 7, Coda]
The original Back To Riding blog

Rodney’s Saga/Virtual Brush Box

Daily blog, from start on 22 Dec 2011 … [We begin. Again.]

… to current. Virtual Brush Box


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