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Yeah, they trailed the field, but let’s see you do what they did. (Modeled on the website Tour de France Lanterne Rouge, “Celebrating the last-place rider in the General Classification … because you couldn’t hang on his wheel for 30 seconds.”)
Eventing Dressage, 1/2 way: Andrei Korshunov riding Fabiy.
Eventing after Dressage: Andrei Korshunov riding Fabiy.
Eventing after Cross-Country: Samantha Albert riding Carraig Dubh
Eventing Final: Andrei Korshunov riding Fabiy.

Dressage & Show Jumping: Between qualifying cut-offs, multi-horse ties, & score resets, the award was not feasible until the final individual competition.

Show Jumping Final: Daniel Bluman on Sancha & Edwina Tops-Alexander on Itot Du Chateau. (Estimated from the tie for 20th place, here)

Dressage Grand Prix Freestyle (Final): Anna Kasprzak riding Donnperignon.

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Arnd Bronkhorst, Equine Photographer: “Like us on facebook for horse photo updates from the #london2012 Olympic Games,”

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How the Romneys put USA Olympic equestrian team on the map
by Jennifer Bryant,, Monday 23 July 2012

Bit of Britain Fantasy Finals

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