Gallery, Views of Vulcan

Vulcan is a 56-foot tall, cast-iron statute on Red Mountain overlooking Birmingham, Alabama, USA. It is one of the icons of the city. This photo series is being done in the spirit of Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji by Japanese woodblock artist Katsushika Hokusai [gallery of images]. Photos 1 through 10 originally posted on [Off Topic: Views Of Vulcan & Views Of Vulcan Project] 2014-2015. Project restarted 2020. Project explanation [Views of Vulcan, Revisited].

15. [REI Vulcan] pending

14. [Vulcan On Parade at the Zoo]

13. Vulcan Park & Museum: Vulcans on Parade, Magic City Lights. [Views of Vulcan, Revisited]

12. Virtual 5K. [Vulcan Stroll, Magic City Virtual 5K, November 2020]

11. Photo Class. [Spotted on the Vulcan Trail]

Vulcan UAB 2015

10. Kirklin Clinic parking deck, October 2015

Vulcan awards invite

9. from the Invitation to the 2014 Awards Ceremony

Vulcan brochure

8. tourism brochure

Vulcan head Don Stewart

7. ticket & souvenir postcard. art by Don Stewart.

Vulcan ticket 2

6. ticket stand

Vulcan spotted

5. Spotted at Vulcan. [Foto Friday: Spotted at Vulcan]

Vulcan moon

4. Moon over Homewood

Vulcan inside

3. view from the inside

Vulcan view

2. Vulcan’s view

Vulcan car sticker

1. membership decal


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