Gallery, Views of Vulcan

Vulcan is a 56-foot tall, cast-iron statute on Red Mountain overlooking Birmingham, Alabama, USA. It is one of the icons of the city. This photo series is being done in the spirit of Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji by Japanese woodblock artist Katsushika Hokusai [gallery of images]. Photos 1 through 10 originally posted on [Off Topic: Views Of Vulcan, Views Of Vulcan Project] 2014-2015. Project restarted 2020.

13. Vulcan Park & Museum: Vulcans on Parade, Magic City Lights

[Views of Vulcan, Revisited]

12. Virtual 5K

[Vulcan Stroll, Magic City Virtual 5K, November 2020]

11. Photo Class

[Spotted on the Vulcan Trail]

10. Kirklin Clinic parking deck, October 2015
Vulcan UAB 2015

9. from the Invitation to the 2014 Awards Ceremony
Vulcan awards invite

8. tourism brochure
Vulcan brochure

7. ticket & souvenir postcard. art by Don Stewart.
Vulcan head Don Stewart

6. ticket stand
Vulcan ticket 2

5. Spotted at Vulcan
Vulcan spotted
[Foto Friday: Spotted at Vulcan]

4. moon over Homewood
Vulcan moon

3. view from the inside
Vulcan inside

2. Vulcan’s view
Vulcan view

1. membership decal
Vulcan car sticker


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