Clip: Mathilda in USDF Connection

USDF Connection November 2008


One response to “Clip: Mathilda in USDF Connection

  1. Rodney's Saga

    July 24, 2012 at 1:01 am

    Online extra:
    We are not only doing dressage, but dressage without the faintest hope of showing. The mare lives at DEFCON4 – heighten alertness. When I ride her, on a good day, it’s DEFCON 3- troops on alert. Then we have our DEFCON2 days – troops mobilized. A while back, I entered her in a tiny local dressage show. There wasn’t a jump-off in sight, but a show is a show, so I automatically revved up. As soon as britches hit leather, she pressed the big red button for thermonuclear meltdown. Enter. Halt. Trot. Turn left. Turn …… not so left. My husband looked up from reading the test to see us galloping down the long side – on the outside of the arena – in a Walk-Trot test. So, we don’t show.
    (Paragraph cut from above.)


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