Posts: Doctor Who, Dr. Whooves, & The Scarf

Scarf during Art Week, links in [Portraits & Framing] 2019

[My Doctor Whooves Scarf, The Origin Story, Guest Post] As it says. 2018

[Macho Dresses Up As Dr. Whooves] Costume Class. 2016

[Letter Art: J is for Jenny’s Jodhpurs] Themed Jods. 2016

[Doctor Hooves Meets Manehattan] Travel Snaps. 2015

[Latest Additions to the Blog Stable] Vinyl Collectibles. 2015

[10 Questions for a Bloganista] Scarf worn to a conference. 2015

[Life On A LEGO Tile] Scarf photo usage. 2015

[You Say Escapism Like It’s A Bad Thing] “The Doctor remains constant. Companions change. Decades change. Even faces change. Yet, when you hear that whooshy sound, you know you will be getting the mad man in a box.” Off Topic, 2013

[Taste Vs. Authenticity] I notice an anomaly in the scarf post. 2013

[Spotted Who?] With a model of the famous blue box. 2013

[Foto Friday: Doctor Whooves] The scarf arrives and is modeled by Rodney. 2013

Plus a few 1, B-no-two, Three-or-C Voyage of the Damned references.

[Macho Dresses Up As Dr. Whooves]


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