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[Country Boy in The City, Plot for a Reverse Holiday Movie, Fiction]
[Sibling Rivalry, Fairy Tale Style, Fiction]
[Apartment Building as a Framework, Fiction Thoughts]
[Sunset Halls, Fiction Fragment]
[The Unmagical, Magical Roommate, An Idea For A TV Reboot, Fiction]
[Pieces of Plot, Summer Edition, Fiction]
[Pieces of Plot, Summer Edition]
[Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Unlock Your Door] Spooky Keychains
[Picking Up The Other Fork, Train Take Two]
[If I Had Gotten On That Train]
[Observations] Another one with the Alien Among Us/Aliens Watching Us trope. I didn’t realize I’d done that many. See beApartment Building as a Framework, Fiction Thoughtslow.
[Spiders In The Subway I]
[Ambassadors & Aliens]
[A Marketing Proposal for New Holiday Movies] New Years Day movie proposal


[Creating A New Classic] Writing yet another Christmas movie with help from a muse
[Gift Guide]
[Notes For A Holiday Movie] Friendmas
[Cue Cheesy Music] The Christmas movie I want to see.
[The Bench, First Draft]
[Faces in the Park]
[Magic Spells]
[A Way Through] Writing Prompt
[🌎 😀 ☀️, 📚 (World Emoji Day)]
[A Spy’s Grooming Tote]
[Rage Anthem, A Fictional Author Interview]
[Dance For Diplomats]
[State Of The Blog, I Didn’t Write This Post]
[Carousel Animals, Fiction Bits and Other Things]
[RomCom Plotlets]
Starting here, Moon Rats fiction moved to separate page [archive]
[Great Moments in Fish Exploration]
[Putting Myself In His Place]
[My Brief Superpower]


[The Basement]
[Quantum Truck II]
[Preliminary Material For A ‘Magic Is Among Us’ Plot]
[Let’s Play with Fiction ] ideas from Let’s Play
[Magic Is Real, Now What?]
[Dark Journal, First Entry]
[Belly Up To The Bar]
[The Sloth’s Pawprint]
[The Sixteen]
[Moonrats II]
[Moonrats I]
[Warts And All] Being Neighborly
[The New Normal]
[Origins of the Lunar Colony] Moonrats 0
[So Many Questions]
[Faces In The Crowd]
[Quantum Truck, A Writing Sketch]


[Where Are They Now?]
Published! “You Had Me At Blue HairBending Genres, Issue 11.
[A Ring On The Table]


[Two Sentence Genre Stories]
[Two Sentence Horror Story]


[Off-Topic: Fiction] Lifeboat


End of 2019 to early 2020.
[Warts And All] first section, end contests
[The State You’re In]
[Let It Go]Country Boy in The City, Plot for a Reverse Holiday Movie, Fiction
[Overstayed Welcome]
[Short But Frightening]
[Can You Write Short?] start

Because writing about fiction is so much easier than writing it.

[State of the Blog, Thoughts On Fiction]

[Generating Stories By The Luck Of The Throw]
[Recap Week 2020 Fiction, Table of Contents]

[Forms of Fiction]
[Let’s Play With Fiction] second section
[Fiction Restart]
[Fiction Prompt Prompting]
[State of the Blog, This is a Horse Blog, What’s With All The Off-Topic Fiction?]


Alien Bird Watching

[Rage Anthem]
[The Sixteen]

Aliens in General

[Ambassadors & Aliens]
[Traders] Could go in either category. Not clear what the aliens are doing.
[Dance For Diplomats]

Magic Is Real

Made for TV Movies

[Country Boy in The City, Plot for a Reverse Holiday Movie]
[A Marketing Proposal for New Holiday Movies]
[Creating A New Classic]
[Notes For A Holiday Movie]
[Cue Cheesy Music]



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