Posts: LEGO

BrickFair 2013
Lessons From BrickFair
BrickFair: day 4 – Spotted at BrickFair
BrickFair: day 3 – Girls & Horses
BrickFair: day 2 – Foto Friday: LEGO Logo
BrickFair: day 1 – Hobby Comparison

Joyous Toy Season
A Plea for Hobby Tolerance
My Summer
Patient Management Update
New Yeller
Foto Friday: Push-button Horse

BrickFair 2012
The Things We Do For Love
Brickfair: day 4 sets with horses
Brickfair: day 3 Rodney as a LEGO mosaic
Brickfair: day 2 Olympics
Brickfair: day 1 horse sculpture & EQUUS

BrickFair site

Plus a handful of posts that mention LEGO in passing. That’s a lot of plastic bricks for a horse blog.


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