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Virtual BreyerFest, July 10-12, 2020
[Virtual BreyerFest 2020, Haul II, Breyer]
[Virtual BreyerFest 2020, Haul I, Kentucky Horse Park Gift Shop]
[Strolling In The Park One Day, Walk Report, Gaelic Gallop 5K, Virtual BreyerFest 2020]
[An Exercise in Green]
[I Came, I Saw, I Sat On The Couch, Show Report, Virtual BreyerFest 2020]
[Mood On Monday, Upside, Hard To Be Happy]
Day Three [Carpet Herd 2020] Models & MEPSA 2019
Day Two [We, the Unicorns …. Bring Their Magic, to The Magic City, Guest Post] Photography with Breyer models
Day One [Happenings at the Horse Park, In Which I Live Virtually and Vicariously] BreyerFest & Lexington Junior League Horse Show

[Speaking of Shopping Sprees, My Latest Breyer Purchases]
[Why Do We Buy Things We Don’t Need? MEPSA Annual 2018]
[Winter, Midnight, & Christmas, An Entry For The Mares In Black Coloring Contest]

[Low Key Photo Challenge, Holiday]
[M is for MEPSA] 2017 Results Book
[In Which I Consider Adults Playing With Toys]
[Low Key Photo Challenge: Toys]

[Foto Friday: MEPSA Photo Showers Annual 2016]
[Foto Friday: A Suitable Subject]
[Shopping Bonanza]

[Gender Equality in Toys]
[New Book: MEPSA Photo Showers Annual 2015]
[What Happens at a Model Horse Show?]
[Shopping: My First Model]
[Show Today: CALMHS, Montgomery, AL]
[All Hail Augustus Invictus, A Guest Post] Follow the process of custominzing, painting, and showing a model.

[Foto Friday: Models Rule]


[Other Writing: USDF Connection October 2012]
[Clip: USDF Connection October 2012]

[Spotted posts].


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