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2020/2021 Posts of 2019 Trip
[Wires In The Sky, NYC]
[Fiction Prompt Prompting]
[My Spirit Animal, LEGO Horse NYC]
[Libations & Sustenance]

2019/2020 Posts of 2018 Trip
[Strolling Along The Avenue In My Mind’s Eye, Virtual New Balance 5th Avenue Mile, September 2020]
[Do You Hobby When You Travel? New York City 2018]
[Gotta Start Somewhere, New York City 2018]
[Armchair Travel Opportunity, #literarydatesbookclub]
[This Year with Actual Horsehair, Horses of New York 2018]

2018 Posts of 2017 Trip
[Horses of NYC 2017, Time To Go]
[Spotted in NYC 2017 at a Special Place]
[Spotted in NYC 2017]
[Horses of NYC 2017, Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jog]
[Horses of NYC 2017]
[Letter Art: NYC Ephemera]
[In Which I Reblog Myself]
[Foto Friday: Wall Street Sunrise]
Guest Post: Born and Raised a New York Native….But Now? on New York City Cliche

2017 Posts of 2016 Trip
[Letter Art: Wallpapering with Light]
[Letter Art: NYC 2016]
[But Keep the Old]
[Foto Friday: Caeruleus Descending]
[Spotted in NYC 2106]
[Horses of NYC 2016]

2015 Posts & Trip
[Crystal Horses, Guest Photo Shoot]
[Horses of NYC 2015]
[Doctor Hooves Meets Manehattan]


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