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Getting back into photography with the big camera, for all the reasons stated previously: self-improvement, diversion, professional development & and so on.

Plan is to split Friday posts between fitness & photography. I’m sorta running out of things to say about walking around the pasture but I’m not ready to commit to four photo posts a month. Two, I should be able to handle. Maybe?

Completely, blatantly using the blog as combination carrot & stick to motivate me. This has worked for improving my graphic design skills on Sunday posts, less well with fiction on Saturdays. I’ll find out where photography falls on that spectrum.

[State of the Blog, Photo Theory and Photo Class Recap] September 2022


On Border Color. One border color as a thread throughout the project. Picked #808080 gray for the grayscale of photography.

On Photo Data. Using these as educational notes to self. Not sure what data will be useful, so recording everything.

[Beeswax Creek Park]


Chronological order

[State of the Blog, Photo Theory and Photo Class Recap]

[Photo Safari The First, Beeswax Creek Park]


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