Posts: Portraits of the Horses in my Life, Done in Various Media

Inks [Just Because You Enjoy An Activity Doesn’t Mean You Want To Be Paid To Do It With Strangers]

T-Shirt [Don Me Now My Gay Apparel, Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange 2019]

Photo by Craig Zernik

Pastels [Art Week, Day One, The Reveal] 2019.

Crochet [Pony for a Gift] 2018

Glassware [ASHAA Awards for 2017] 2018

[Art Friday: Portrait of Rodney] 2017

Clay [Custom Ornament from Hamer & Clay] 2016

Paper [Text Art: $5 Silhouette Graphic] 2015

[In Defense of Caesar] 2015

Speaking of Various Media

Okay, not a portrait, but too cute.
[Flying Pigs]


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