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November 2015
I switched over to posting on the subject once a week on Saddle Seat Wednesdays, Whither Now? Saddle Seat Version: Blogging. Tag or sort is still the best way to go for saddle seat posts.

July 2014 & beyond
I gave up. Too many to list. Easiest way would be to search “saddle seat” on the main blog or click on the saddle seat category tag. (Or “saddleseat” for pre-Lampe entries, see below.)

(First half of the year)
Clinic Report: Saddle Seat with Christy Parker
Show & Clinic Tweets: SSF, Chelsea AL
Show Report: SSF Chelsea AL
Home Show 2014
New Equipment: Weights
Show Report: MSSP, Rainsville, AL
Show Tweets: Mid-South Spring Premiere, Rainsville, AL
Sportin’ the Bling
Horse Show Today, MSSP 2014
Living Digitally: Watching From Afar
Show Tweets: Dixie Cup, GIHP
Show Report: Dixie Cup, GIHP
At The Horse Show
Saddle Seat Sidesaddle
Puddle for Foto Friday
Old Age Arrives
Hashtags – Show Tweets: Pro Am, Perry, GA
Georgia On My Mind – Show Report: Pro Am, Perry, GA
Back To The Bigtime
Saddle Seat Celebrity
(Ms. Lampe pointed out that saddle seat is two words. I shall use it thus moving forward. Correcting retrospectively would involve too much living in the past. That way lies madness. Onwards!)
2014 Show Schedule LW&TCDR
Text Art: Trophy Words
Winter Tournament Banquet
Grooming Tweets
Obedience Epiphany
Show Tweets: Winter Tournament 3, Leeds AL
Show Report: Winter Tournament 3, Leeds AL
Third Time’s the Charm
Text Art: Ribbon Letters
Foto Friday: Infinite Trophies
Why Wup?
Silent Auction
Spotted at the Banquet
Text Art: Ornaments
First Impressions
Foto Friday: Party On
Show Tweets: Winter Tourment 2, Hartselle AL
Show Report: Winter Tourment 2, Hartselle AL
Back In The Show Ring, Redux
On the Twelfth Day of Christmas: 12 Lovely Horses
On the Eighth Day of Christmas: 8 Fences Jumping

Shows & Showing
(Starting with most recent & working backwards)
… Answer
What Is This?
That Moment When …
Back In The Show Ring
They Said It Couldn’t Be Done. Horse Show Version
Text Art: Happy Words
A Horse Show In 86 Tweets
Foto Friday: Ribbon Details
Show Report: NACHS, Part III
Show Report: NACHS, Part II
Show Report: NACHS, Part I

National Academy Day 3+3: Still Napping
National Academy Day 3+2: I Owe It All To Rodney
National Academy Day 3+1: Horse of the Year Nomination
National Academy Day 3: Bright Lights, Big Horse Show
National Academy Day 2: Up or Out
National Academy Day 1: Managing Expectations
Helmets at Shows, Postscript
Show Report: Alabama Charity Championship, Decatur AL
Reign of the Swan Princess
On Idle
I Want It All
Show Photos: Southeastern Charity, Conyers GA
Show Report: Southeastern Charity, Conyers GA
Why Green?
Show Photos: UPHA Chapter 8, Cleveland, TN
Show Report: UPHA Chapter 8, Cleveland, TN
Collision of Worlds II
Breaking Radio Silence
Guest Foto Friday: Trump
Conversations With My Stomach
Championship Colors
Show Report: ETSA Midsummer Classic, White Pine, TN
Show Report: ASHAA Fun Show, Leeds, AL
More Psyche Songs Sought
Decisions, Decisions
Our 15 Minutes
Show Report: ASHAA Summer Fun Show, Chelsea AL
Show Report: Chattanooga/Cleveland Charity, Cleveland TN. Part Two – Specific
Show Report: Chattanooga/Cleveland Charity, Cleveland TN. Part One – General
Suiting Up
The Point Is
My Confidence Has Increased
A Grateful Whine
Balloon Art
Show Report: Mid-South Spring Premiere, Rainsville, AL
Rain, Rain, Nevermind
Show Report: Dixie Cup, Conyers GA
Good Things
Ladies Only, Thank You
Show Report: ETSA Spring Classic, Cleveland, TN
Seeking Sam Specific Songs
Ladies Only
Psyche Songs Sought
That Moment
Collision of Worlds
Foto Friday: Roberto
Times Change
Show Report: ASAC, Clemson, SC
Regular Programming
Weekend Plans
Show Report #3: A Hot Mess
Show Ring Greed
Glad Post
Second Saddleseat Show
Reader Survey: Legit or Not?
Authorized Assistance

Lessons, Barn, & Saddlebreds
Foto Friday: Paisley
Boot Camp Battle
Boot Camp Moment II
Boot Camp Moment
Boot Camp Bucks
Boot Camp Begins
Auction Action
Lesson Horses
For The Look Of It
Midwestern Mounts
Acts of Faith
Horse Art Auction
Form Does Not Follow Function
Form Follows Function
All Aboard
How Should I Know?
Spring Whine
Other People’s Horses
Lunching With Lola
Translator Needed
Lights, Camera, Canter with video
Unintended Benefits
End of the Month Commentary – Blogs
Support For A Wild Idea

Photos from Stepping Stone Farm
Blanket Demise
Gratuitous Cat Picture: Stairs
Barn Jeans (scroll down)
Clippus Interuptus
Foto Friday: Greetings From Stepping Stone Farm
Foto Friday: Post and Rail
Barn Party
Roadside Attraction
Alternative Uses For A Hayroll
Foto Friday: 7
Foto Friday: Circles Abound
Foto Friday: Britches & Blankets

Mostly lessons, one show.
My First Show, sorta
New Clothes & Old Habits
Taking On Challenges
Control Issues (Driving)
Happy Trails
Rack On. Let ‘Em Rack.
Sam I Am with video
Foto Friday: Ears
Lesson Ho!
Showing in the Sun
Riding Toward Random

Saddle Seat & Stepping Stone on other blogs
Stepping Stone Farm Newsletter
Been There, Done That: Casanova Prep
Been There, Done That: A Brave New World

Saddle Seat links
My instructor, Courtney Huguley, interviewed by Alabama Horse Talk Radio. Archived or in written version,
World Champion Horse Equipment

updated 5/17/16


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