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[Pondering The Past, Wondering If It Ever Even Happened] May 2022

[Pondering The Rules Of Play, The 44th Annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament] April 2022

[Pondering A Fork In The Road] March 2022



[The Upside Of Negativity]

[You Say Escapism Like It’s A Bad Thing]

[The Spirit In Me Greets The Spirit In You]

[2 + 2 = 4]


[What Happens at a Model Horse Show?]

[All The Thoughts] Winning a National Championship

[Riding Abroad] Italy & France

[Riding at Rolex] “There was a microsecond where I felt what it might be like to be a Rolex competitor. It was both an illusion and one of the high points of my life.” [Digital Killed the Party] companion piece.

[The Naked Challenge] The Lady Godiva post. [My Thoughts On Posing Naked] & [7 Answers] Follow up posts.

[Rodney’s Mommy?] “I utterly reject and despise referring to human women as horse mommies.”

Arranged reverse chronologically by my narrative age.

[More Banquet Thoughts, Where To Sit] “I am … ageless. Yeah, let’s go with that. Ageless.”

[Schadenfreude Saturday, My Pain Is Your Amusement] graduate school

[My Short Happy Modeling Career] “Result: Outstanding picture of me. Go figure.”

[My Origin Story] The World’s Greatest Rejection Letter

[Why I Drove a Beat-up Jeep to My Senior Prom]

[Strangers on a Train]


Posts that could be turned into salable articles? Compiled into a book? First step is to find & list possible candidates. Then write more. A dog can dream. 9 Jan 2022


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