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[Dreaming Of The Moon As An Adult, Fiction Sketch]
[Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Unlock Your Door, Fiction Fragments]
[Faces in the Park, Fiction Sketches]
[The Sixteen, Fiction]
[Faces In The Crowd, A Fiction Exercise]


“Points for the assist go to The Errant Moon. In Comfort Reading, the author talks about finding books. Given the titles listed in the post, I recommended The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. by Neal Stephenson & Nicole Galland (Morrow 2017). This reminded me how much I enjoy telling people about books they might like. I know the feeling of finding a good book. I want to spread the joy.” [Graphic Novel]

[Have You Read This? Vicarious Walking]
[Have You Read This? Happy Lunar New Year!]
[Have You Read This? Inspiration]
[Have You Read This? Travel]
[Have You Read This? Graphic Novel Edition]


[Just Because You Enjoy An Activity Doesn’t Mean You Want To Be Paid To Do It With Strangers]
[Ready For Their Close-ups]

Thinky Bits (per TEM)

[When Fact Is More Interesting Than Fiction]
[Mood On Monday, Other Voices, A Dash of Hollandaise In The Cupcake]
[The Mood On Monday, The Ugly Bits]
[Imaginary Photos, Open Shutter Horse Show]
[Tsundoku Additions]


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