Walking Virtually, Land’s End to John O’Groats

The Conqueror Virtual Challenges: LEJOG Virtual Fitness Challenge . Length of UK, 1744.2 km.

Scroll down to start. Entries read from bottom up.

January 14, 2021 IRL 1.7 KM, 3 laps. Sunny. Team total 735.2 km, 42.2%.

January 12, 2021. IRL 1.1 km. 2 laps, 1.16 km. Not counting 1.25 km earlier for Ox walk. What can I say, putting the different walks in their different bins is a source of amusement. Cold & damp again. Probably should pull the blankets and check that we still have horses underneath.

Virtually, Syston. Finally a web presence & something current. Covid aide-memoire, “Hands – Face – Space” Syston Town News: Latest Issue. Also today, a dual roundabout. Team total 728.5, 41.8%.

Why so little digital tourism?

1) Program doesn’t say where we are; map not helpful.

2) I know where we are. Internet search only turns up info on vacation rentals. Lots of vacation rentals.

3) Sights are super-famous. What could I possibly say about Stonehenge or Shakespeare?

The result is far fewer fascinating factoids than last time. [Virtual Route 66].
January 10, 2021. IRl, .5 km. 1 lap, therapeutic walk amid long weekend. Sun struggling to come out in AM. Sunshine for bike ride in PM.

Virtually, continuing our tour of scenic UK interchanges. Team total 669.3 km, 38.4%.

January 8, 2021. IRL 2.9 km. 3 laps with Milton, 2 laps by myself until I ran out of light. No longer raining. Still cold & damp.

Virtually, Budbrooke. Back on the highway. Passed another interesting interchange configuration. Team total 659.8 km, 37.8%

January 7, 2021. IRL 2.4 km. 3 laps for me, 1+ laps for Milton until rain started. Rodney had foot in bucket for the second day. Cold & rainy.

Virtually, Warwick Road. Team total 654.4, 37.5%.

January 6, 2021. IRL 1.7 km. 3 laps.

Virtually, Stratford-upon-Avon. Passed Shakespeare’s Birthplace. Team total 650.6 km. 37.3%.

January 5, 2021. IRL 2.3 km. 4 laps tracked at 2.33. Virtually, somewhere in rural England. There’s a hay field off to our right. Team total 640.6 km, 36.7%.

December 29, 2020. IRL 1 km, 2 laps, evening walk.

Virtually, Wroxton. Team total 619.9 km, 35.5%

Interim, Dec 24. Interesting theory for highway intersection, Wendlebury Interchange, A34/A41 & M40. Team total 587 km.

December 23, 2020. 3.4 km, 6 laps. Was concerned that I had been overestimating, so I tracked the laps today. 3 laps was 1.75 km; 6 laps was 3.48. I can continue using 1.7 & 3.4. Also, Milton caught up with Rodney each lap. One step forward, one step back.

In case you weren’t sure how closely Big Brother was watching, the slight blip at the top is where Milton diverted a few steps to get a drink. Creepy? Convenient? Both? The exit is where I took a screenshot but forgot to press stop and tracked myself back to the house.

Virtually, Oxford. Team total 576.3 km, 33%.

December 22, 2020. 5K. 9 laps, 3 each. Milton kept his nose buried in the hay pile for the entire duration of Rodney’s walk. No following, no screaming, no running to catch up. Yay.

Virtually, Iffley Road, Oxford. Finally, something to look at other than highway greenery. Team total 569.4 km, 32.6%.

December 21, 2020. 3.96K, 7 laps, logged as 3.9 km. Rodney 3, Milton 1, by myself 3. Milton did double sessions yesterday. When he stopped after one lap, I allowed him to convince me. Weather is warm & sunny. Footing still squishy & slippy.

Virtually, not happy with all the highway “driving”. One expects that in the US. I thought UK would be more scenic. Map indicates we will be on the A34 for several inches. Options exist. “My route followed as many long-distance paths as was sensible … in the rain a convenient minor road.” Walking Land’s End to John o’Groats with Mark Moxon: Overview of the Route. Even if one is limited to roads, the streetview icon shows ooodles of backroads that have been photographed. Grump. Team total 525.3 km, 30.1%.

December 18, 2020. 5K, 9 laps, 3 for each horse, 3 for me. Spread out through the day as a change from sitting. For the first time, Milton stayed at the hay pile while Rodney walked, during Rodney’s last lap. Progress. Blue skies today!

Virtually, Whitchurch. Team total 503.5 km, 28.8%,

December 17, 2020. 5.8 km. Weekly 5k, sans bling, extra .85 km taking pix. Given the weather lately, the nameless corporate park from my Melbourne virtual walk was the best chance for dry footing and maximum sunshine. Added the small lake for variety. [Another Lakeside Stroll]

Virtually, we passed Red Rosette Equine Transport, because they have their ribbons the wrong way around.

December 16, 2020. 3.4 km, 5 laps. Milton’s walked ended early with UPS delivery. Wanted to be sure truck didn’t get stuck nor hit anything. Squish.

Virtually, Andover. “Dates back to Saxon times. Most of the town’s buildings are from the 18th century when it was an important stop over destination for coaches on their way to London, Southampton and Oxford.” Visit Hampshire: Andover. I’d go see this, Museum of the Iron Age. Team total 487.7 km, 28%.

December 15, 2020. 3.4 km, two horse walks. Watching Cow TV with Milton. Strangely fascinating.

Virtually, more dual carriageway. Team total 479.7 km, 27.5%.

December 14, 2020. 3.4 km, 5 of 6 laps with horse. A gray day.

Virtually, back on the dual carriageway, as I believe it is called in the old country. Team total 469.7, 26.5%.

December 12, 2020. 3 laps in the rain. Should have taken a pic of the mud. Horses hate going in mud. In their defense, our terrain gets slippery at the first drop of moisture.

Virtually, Salisbury. “Set in the magical landscape of Stonehenge and the cathedral city of Salisbury, SARUM is an epic story of five families.” Edward Rutherford: Sarum. I may have to reread. Reverse view is the River Avon.
Team Total 444.9 km, 25.5%.

December 9-10, 2020. 6 km. Yesterday, Lee Springs Park for first Melbourne 5k plus one lap with R (1.7/2= .85km). Today, extra from second Melbourne 5K (.28km). Total, 5+.85+.28 = 6.13 km. Two miles a day, no problem. Two 5Ks in two days and I’m exhausted. That extra mile-point-one does me in. [5K To Nowhere, Another Lakeside Stroll]

Update. Math was wrong. One lap is a third. 5+..56666+.28 = 5.846666. I’ll walk a few extra laps at some point.

Virtually, The Highway. There’s an original name for a road. Team total 437.9 km, 25.1%.

December 8, 2020. Two horse walks, 3.4 km. Let Milton go after two of his and did the last lap by myself. He’s getting better about staying back and eating hay while Rodney walks, but still follows us on part of each lap. So, he gets lots of exercise, his and Rodney’s.

Virtually, North Gorley. We have turned away from the coast & are heading north. Team total 424.4 km, 24.3%.

December 7, 2020. Two horse walks, 3.4 km.

Virtually, Bournemouth. “Discover Bournemouth…when it is safe to do so.” Bournemouth: Life after lockdown. First place to mention current events. First place big enough to keep an updated web site? Team total 403.6 km, 23.1%.

December 5, 2020. 3.9 km. Extra mileage (kilometerage?) from this week’s bling walk [Savannah Bridge].

Virtually, passed Man O’ War Beach. I, of course, think of the horse rather than the jellyfish. Team total 362.4 km. 20.8%.

December 4, 2020. 4 laps, no horse, 2.2 km (1.7km x 1.33=2.261km). Fitting in a walk at the end of the day, or at least at the end of the light, which is not the same, even if it feel like it is.

Virtually, Durdle Door Holiday Park. Team total 356 km, 20.4%

December 3, 2020. Two horse walks, 3.4 km. Hard-walking horses need to hydrate.

Virtually, Winfrith Newburgh. Team total 350.3 km, 20.1%.

December 2, 2020. Two horse walks, 3.4 km. Cold is easier to take on bright, sunny days. (I did not look through the lens when taking this.)

December 1, 2020. Two horse walks, 3.4 km. Cold snap.

Virtually, Weymouth. We are trundling along the Jurrasic Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. “Imagine your favourite film trilogy. Now imagine that the first film is only ever shown in Scotland, the second only shown in France and the third only shown in Brazil. Annoying right? Now imagine that you stumble across a little cinema on the south coast of England that shows the entire trilogy, all three films back to back with extra scenes and everything. That’s what the Jurassic Coast is like for three geological time Periods called the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous … Those three time periods of Earth history collectively make up the Mesozoic Era, running from around 250 to 65 million years ago.” JCT: What is the Jurassic Coast? Team total 334.5 km, 19.2%.

November 30, 2020. Two horse walks, 3.4 km. Forgot about an IRL pic again. Virtually, Chickerell. For a tourist area, the towns do not have much in the way of Internet presences. No official town websites. No town tourism websites. Makes it hard to be an armchair tourist. Team total 328.6 km.

November 29, 2020. 3 laps, no horses. 1.7 km. Stomping through the rain in a leaky boot. I’m so tough. No pics. Forgot. Fell out of the habit after just 5 days? Virtually, a lot of farmland for being this close to salt water. Team total 322.7 km.

Out of order. November 05, 2020. Milton & Me mile. Early one, still figuring out a standard distance. 1.64, either tracked or calculated from 3 laps = 1 mile. Counted as 1.6. Logged on 11/29.

November 24, 2020. Rotary Trail & Milton Mile, 3.28+1.7 = 4.98, rounded to 5k. Surely I walked an additional .02 today. Rotary Trail is short, flat except for stairs in & out, paved, scenic, & historic. A+ for use of civic space. Well, actual grade depends on how the space ultimately gets used. No idea about that. Nice design.

Virtually, Clyst St. Mary, A3052. All of the search links are booking &/or travel sites, so I’m thinking major tourist area? Streetview camera heading in opposite direction from us.

***Procedural change*** Before this, single border was color-picked from medal image. Switching to two official colors. UK National Colours same as flag, Wiki. UK uses British Standard Colour rather than hex. Estimates for hex colors vary across the Internet. I went with Color Experts Intl & Wiki b/c they had the prettiest colors and most believable red. Blue, 012169. Red, C8102E. Added red border to previous IRL pics.

November 23, 2020. Two horse walks, 6 laps -> 3.4 km. Day dreaming, forgot about IRL pic. Virtually, more English town names to marvel at. Passed Starcross, Pictures of England, & Cockwood, Visit South Devon. Team Total 234.8 K.

November 21, 2020. Today 3 laps 1.7 km. Virtually, Shaldon. Team total 219.5 km.

November 20, 2020. Milton mile, 1.7 km + extra mileage from this week’s bling walk on Vulcan Trail, 1.15 miles -> 1.85 km = 3.55 km, logged as 3.5 km. [Magic City]

Virtually, Maidencombe. ” … mentioned in the Domesday Book, 1086 … with large boulders occasionally plumeting to the shore below (mainly in winter) …” Torquay – A Local Guide: Maidencombe. Team total 214.4.

November 19, 2020. Today Hand walk both horses, 3.4 km. Ears were not easy to get. One hand to hold horse and keep head point in right direction, one hand to hold camera and focus on ear, nonexistent third hand to make noise to get ears up. Bay ear was even harder, since every time we stopped, he made stallion noises at me.

Virtually, Paignton, on the English Riviera. “Originally a Celtic settlement, Paignton was a fishing village right up until the 19th century when the harbour was built. The arrival of the railway in 1859 brought crowds of visitors and the town quickly became a favourite tourist destination for the Victorians.” Visit South Devon: Paignton. Team total 203.5.

November 18, 2020. Today Milton & Me mile, 1.7 km.

Virtually, still on the A38. I can’t imagine driving, or even being a passenger, on a highway with the cars passing you on the wrong side. Team total 178.5 km.

November 17, 2020. Today Milton & Me mile, 1.7 km. Virtually, Devon Expressway, A38. I hope we aren’t on the highway for too long. Had enough of that on Route 66. From the map, we appear to be cutting off chunk of land and will be back on the coast shortly. We will bypass Dartmouth. That would be weird to visit. Team total 167.3 km.

Plymouth Hoe

November 16, 2020. Today Milton & Me mile, 1.7 km. Virtually, Plymouth, Britain’s Ocean City, entering Devonport Park. Having crossed the River Tamar, we have left Cornwall and are now in Devon. Team total 148.2.

November 13, 2020. Today weekly 5k. Richard Wood Park, Thorsby AL. Park has 1/3km walking trail, flat, paved, concrete loop. My knees found it to be a hard surface. Did not count endless laps; I leave that to GPS.

Virtually, East Looe. “It has been a holiday resort for more than 200 years, and has relayed more heavily on the tourist industry since its pilchard canning factory closed in the sixties.” Cornwall Guide: Looe. Team total 125.3 km.

November 12, 2020. Today 3 pasture laps, 1.73 km tracked. Logged as 1.7 since program does not except 100ths of km. Officially declaring 3 laps to equal 1.7 km.

Virtually, ya gotta love English names. Leggyfoot Farm. The town of St Veep, named after a Saint that even the Catholic Church knows little about, “In records the saint appears inconsistently as male or female; the ‘unusual degree of confusion about the saint’s gender suggests that, by the later middle ages, the name was largely that of a place-name rather than a saint with an active cult.'” Catholic Online: Saints & Angels, St. Veep. Team total 115.1.

November 11, 2020, part II. Today, again. 24 minutes, estimate 24/15 = 1.6 km. Walked in am. Tired during day. Ended up walking in afternoon anyway. Thus definitively answering whether it is better for me to walk in the morning or evening. My daily mile is as much about unwinding mentally as it is about exercise.

Virtually, approaching Fowey. Team total 108.3.

November 11, 2020 Today 3 pasture laps, 1.67 km tracked, program would not except 100ths of km, rounded up to 1.7 since that was yesterday’s GPS. Virtually, passed the Eden Project. Team total 106.7 km.

November 10, 2020 Today 3 pasture laps, 1.7 km tracked.

November 9, 2020 Today 3 pasture laps, approx 1.6 km. Virtually, Probus. “It has the tallest church tower in Cornwall.” Wiki: Probus, Cornwall. I like kilometers. They accumulate faster. Team Total 78.5 km.

November 8, 2020 Today 3 pasture laps -> 1 mile -> 1.6 km, approx. Virtually, passed Truro, following the Tresillian River. Truro “is Cornwall’s county town and only city.” Wiki: Truro. Team Total 73.4 km.

November 7, 2020 Today 1.5 km, walking home from aborted bike ride. [GOR 11/7]

November 6, 2020 Today 2 km, Lake Cosby Park. .85 loop, with options, flat, paved/gravel, trees. Points for scenic.

Virtually, Praze an Beeble, home of the St Aubyn family, the folks at St. Michael Mount, 11/5 St Aubyn Arms. Team total 43.1 km.

November 5, 2020 Today first Milton & Me mile, tracked at 1.02, translates to 1.64 km. Virtually, Goldsithney. Turned away from the coast, now heading northeast on B3280/W End. Team total 34 km.

Passed this at 19 miles/30+ km. Time delay video of tide over walkway, St Michael’s Mount. People live there, St Aubyn Family. “The north side of the island is also home to around 30 people” Britain: St Michael’s Mount: 10 facts by Martha Alexander, Cornwall Live: Meet the ordinary family living in a castle on St Michael’s Mount by Tom Gainey, 2017.

November 4, 2020 Today 5k. My weekly 5k. Joe Tucker park. 0.5 mile walking path around lake. Flat – mostly, paved. [Lake Reflections, Joe Tucker Park]

Virtually, program not good about telling the town. Map indicates we are east of Penzance, probably the town of Marazion. “Marazion is one of the oldest chartered towns in the UK. The first charter of incorporation was granted by Henry III in 1257 and was reaffirmed on 13th June 1595 by Queen Elizabeth I.” History of Marazion. Beach off to the right past the large patch of grass. Team total 28.8 km.

November 3, 2020 Today 3 laps of the pasture, 1.7 km tracked. Virtually Castallack Farm. Looks like a former stables. Team total 14.9 km, 0.9%.

November 2, 2020 Start. Today 3 laps of the pasture = 1 mile = 1.7 km, approx. Virtually, B3315 heading west. Team total 9.7 km. Update on 11/8, not sure what I was mathing. 1 mile is 1.609 kilometers. However three laps can be +/- one mile depending on the route & mood the the GPS. So the mileage right, even if the math is wrong.

“Land’s End is located eight miles west of Penzance at the end of the A30 … It is the most westerly point in mainland Britain … Although the cliffs immediately to the east and west of Land’s End are owned by the National Trust, Land’s End itself is owned by a private company … The tourist complex is one of Cornwall’s most popular destinations.” The Cornwall Guide: Land’s End

Tourist center. Scenic overhead video clips, Land’s End. They will put your town on the signpost, but you have to pay for it, “A local photography company still owns and operates the Signpost today.” Land’s End: The Iconic Signpost

Hiker blog. “It is so touristy that the famous ‘Land’s End signpost’ is owned by a professional photographer who does not allow individuals to take pictures of it with their own camera – you have to pay for that privilege.” The Big Trip: John O’Groats to Land’s End: South West Coast Path, 2011.
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