Biking and Walking Virtually, Mississippi River, Table of Contents

This is a summary page, as a way to link to the whole project at once.

T of C
Part One – Minnesota
Part Two – Minnesota & Wisconsin
Part Three – Iowa & Wisconsin
Part Four – Iowa & Illinois
Part Five – Missouri & Illinois
Part Six – Missouri & Kentucky
Part Seven – Missouri, Arkansas & Tennessee
Part Eight – Arkansas & Mississippi
Part Nine – Louisiana & Mississippi
Part Ten – Louisiana

Characteristics of the River

“The Mississippi River offers three distinct sections. In the river’s uppermost reaches, the river is narrow and winding … Below Minneapolis/St. Paul, the river becomes a series of pools formed by 33 locks & dams stretching southward … Below the last lock and dam in Granite City, Illinois, (St Louis) the Mississippi River flows dam-free to the Gulf of Mexico. The river is wide at this point and backwaters, sloughs and side channels are plentiful. ” Great River Road: Canoeing & Kayaking

For another way of dividing the river and how the two match up, see Part Five.


[Rolling Down The River, Guest Photo]

[Meandering Through Minnesota, Virtually]



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