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End Beginning of the month (mostly) posts about writing & blogging.


[A Quick Note, State of the Blog] May
Skipped [Edible Book] April
[Choosing My Words, State of the Blog] March
[Stall Rest Chronicles 4 Feb, with Brief Thoughts On The Temporary Format] February
[State of the Subtitles, State of the Blog] January


[What Is Now, State of the Blog] December
Skipped [Recent Reads, Mostly Memoir] November
[How Other People Ride, Blog Hop Invitation, State of the Blog] October
[State of the Blog, Photo Theory and Photo Class Recap] September
[State of The Blog, State of the Comments] August
[Using Your Name, State Of The Blog] July
[Stories I’d Like To Hear, 10 Blog Hop Ideas, State Of The Blog] June
[Exploring The Rabbit Hole] May, moving away from talking just about my blog to talking about blogging in general … or I was, looks like a went back to talking my own blog.
[Open Call For Vicarious Travel] April
[State Of The Blog, 36 Days Of Type, Project Intro] March
[State of the Blog, Cross Platform Commenting, Briefly, With Guest Photos] February
[State of the Blog, Thoughts On Fiction] January


[The Difficulty of Writing the Mundane, State of the Blog] December
Logistics. STOB moved to from last Saturday to first. Thus, State of the Fitness on Friday can cover the previous month. Therefore December post in place of post for the end of November.
[State of the Blog, Brevity] October
[State of the Blog, Announcing A New Feature, As Soon As I Think Of It] September
[State of the Blog, Weekly Art] August
Skipped [Vicarious Travel, Gutenberg Bible at the NYPL] July
[State of the Blog, Blanket Apology For My Comment Response] June
[State Of The Blog, I Didn’t Write This Post, Fiction] May
[State of the Blog, Change] April
[State of the Blog, Open Mike Invitation] March
[State Of The Blog: Shifting The Schedule] February
[State of the Blog, In Maps] January


Skipped, holiday. [A Card For You, Halloween 2020]
[State of the Blog, Weekends NOT off] September
[State Of The Blog: Weekends Completely Off] August
[State of the Blog, Awareness of the Outside World, Taking a Poll on a New Feature] July
Skipped to concentrate on fiction, or at least try to. [Belly Up To The Bar, Fiction Fragment] June
[Blogging In A Time Of Crisis] May
[State of the Blog, This is a Horse Blog, What’s With All The Off-Topic Fiction?] April
[State of the Blog, Blogging My Life Versus Living It] March
[State of the Blog, Watermarks Theory] February
Skipped [Have You Read This? Happy Lunar New Year!] January


[State Of The Blog, Fun With Sorting] December, subheads
Skipped. Decided not to talk about blogging for a while. I go back and forth on the concept. [FYI, Another Writing Contest] November, [Analyzing The Alternatives] October
[State of the Blog, The Song of Me] September
[State of the Blog, Oops] August
[State Of The Blog, The Lure Of Being Definitive] July
Skipped. Away from blog. [A Spirited Horse, Slane, Ireland, Guest Photos] June.
[State of the Blog: A Marketing Haiku] May, early. Eom [Inklings].
Skipped while experimenting with concepts for Saturday. [750 Words, A Place To Write] Apr, [Say What? Transitions] Mar, [Lingering Laments, A Heath Update] Feb
[State of the Blog: Call for Ideas] January


[Return to the Sea … of Statistics, State of the Blog 2018] December
[State Of The Blog, Introduction] September
[State of the Blog: In Which I Consider Responsibility to the Reader] February


[State of the Blog: A Sea of Statistics] December
[State of the Blog: Narrative Arc] November
[10 Tips To Help You #bloglikecrazy] November extra
[State of the Blog: Pondering Twitter] October
September lost in the flurry of ICDE posts [Show Report]. Last Saturday post [Laugh or Cry].
[State of the Blog: Belated Acknowledgement] August
[State of the Blog: Avoiding Social Media] July
[State of the Blog: Status Haiku] June
[State of the Blog: Another Aborted Twitter Adventure] May
[Self-Improvement] April
[State of the Blog: Going Digital] March
[State of the Blog: Borrowed Fame] February
[State of the Blog: Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One] January


[Looking Back, State of the Blog 2016 December
November – nothing to say. [Clydesdale Humor]
October – skipped for Nationals. [Happy Rubber Ducky Day 2016]
[State of the Blog: Title Question] September
[State of The Blog: Life with a Blogger] August
[State of the Blog, Weekends Off] July
[State of the Blog: Instagram Hiatus] June
[State of the Blog: The Daily Object] May
[State of the Blog: TYFR] April
[State of the Blog: Reading Blogs] March
[State of the Blog: Subtitle History] February
[State of the Blog: Comment Policy] January


[State of the Blog: Y’all Connect] June
[State of the Blog: A Matter of Record] April
[State of the Blog: What I Want From My Blog] March
[State of the Blog: Lightning in a Bottle] February
[Blogging Goals, Or Not] mid-January


No end of December post, [12 Days] instead
[Quotes on Writing and Blogging] November
[State of the Blog: Energy Usage] October
[Sine Die … Or Not] September
[Whither?] Blog prospects at end of post, but mostly New Horse!
Ditto July for Rocking S. Yay horse shows!
June skipped in a blizzard of Show Reports from Northeast GA
[State of the Blog: This & That] May
[Ze State of Ze Blog] April
[Reader Requests?] March
[Off Topic: Yay or Nay?]/[Poll Results] & [Future Planning] February
[Writing For A New Audience] January
[2013 In Review]
[Presents All Around] January for December 2013


[Chasing Perfection] November
[Attitude Check] October
[I’m Baaaaaack … With Camera] September
[Hiatus] August
[At Least I Got A Blog Post Out Of It] June
[New Project] May
[The Nature of Milestones: Nearing 500] April
[End of the Month Commentary: Identity] March
[Social Media Footprint] February
[End of the Month Commentary – Blogs] January


[End of the Month Commentary – By the Numbers] December 31
[Where Do We Go From Here?] December 20 for end of year one
[Literary Midwives] November 28 & [Foto Friday: Equine Photo Blogging] November 30
[NaBloPoMo – Midpoint Review] November 15
[Blogging Interjection] October 16
[Vox Clamantis in Deserto] September 30
[There Is No Control-Z for Reality] August 30 for July & Aug
[Cinder-blogging-ella] June 30
[Permanence] May 31
[Living Virtually] April 30
[Blogging Influences] March 31
[Numbers Game] March 9 for February
[Life As a First Draft] Jan 31


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