Posts: State of the Blog

End of the month (mostly) posts about writing & blogging.

pending [Weekly Art] August
Skipped [Vicarious Travel, Gutenberg Bible at the NYPL] July
[State of the Blog, Blanket Apology For My Comment Response] June
[State Of The Blog, I Didn’t Write This Post, Fiction] May
[State of the Blog, Change] April
[State of the Blog, Open Mike Invitation] March
[State Of The Blog: Shifting The Schedule] February
[State of the Blog, In Maps] January

Skipped, holiday. [A Card For You, Halloween 2020]
[State of the Blog, Weekends NOT off] September
[State Of The Blog: Weekends Completely Off] August
[State of the Blog, Awareness of the Outside World, Taking a Poll on a New Feature] July
Skipped to concentrate on fiction, or at least try to. [Belly Up To The Bar, Fiction Fragment] June
[Blogging In A Time Of Crisis] May
[State of the Blog, This is a Horse Blog, What’s With All The Off-Topic Fiction?] April
[State of the Blog, Blogging My Life Versus Living It] March
[State of the Blog, Watermarks Theory] February
Skipped [Have You Read This? Happy Lunar New Year!] January

[State Of The Blog, Fun With Sorting] December, subheads
Skipped. Decided not to talk about blogging for a while. I go back and forth on the concept. [FYI, Another Writing Contest] November, [Analyzing The Alternatives] October
[State of the Blog, The Song of Me] September
[State of the Blog, Oops] August
[State Of The Blog, The Lure Of Being Definitive] July
Skipped. Away from blog. [A Spirited Horse, Slane, Ireland, Guest Photos] June.
[State of the Blog: A Marketing Haiku] May, early. Eom [Inklings].
Skipped while experimenting with concepts for Saturday. [750 Words, A Place To Write] Apr, [Say What? Transitions] Mar, [Lingering Laments, A Heath Update] Feb
[State of the Blog: Call for Ideas] January

[Return to the Sea … of Statistics, State of the Blog 2018] December
[State Of The Blog, Introduction] September
[State of the Blog: In Which I Consider Responsibility to the Reader] February

[State of the Blog: A Sea of Statistics] December
[State of the Blog: Narrative Arc] November
[10 Tips To Help You #bloglikecrazy] November extra
[State of the Blog: Pondering Twitter] October
September lost in the flurry of ICDE posts [Show Report]. Last Saturday post [Laugh or Cry].
[State of the Blog: Belated Acknowledgement] August
[State of the Blog: Avoiding Social Media] July
[State of the Blog: Status Haiku] June
[State of the Blog: Another Aborted Twitter Adventure] May
[Self-Improvement] April
[State of the Blog: Going Digital] March
[State of the Blog: Borrowed Fame] February
[State of the Blog: Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One] January

[Looking Back, State of the Blog 2016 December
November – nothing to say. [Clydesdale Humor]
October – skipped for Nationals. [Happy Rubber Ducky Day 2016]
[State of the Blog: Title Question] September
[State of The Blog: Life with a Blogger] August
[State of the Blog, Weekends Off] July
[State of the Blog: Instagram Hiatus] June
[State of the Blog: The Daily Object] May
[State of the Blog: TYFR] April
[State of the Blog: Reading Blogs] March
[State of the Blog: Subtitle History] February
[State of the Blog: Comment Policy] January

[State of the Blog: Y’all Connect] June
[State of the Blog: A Matter of Record] April
[State of the Blog: What I Want From My Blog] March
[State of the Blog: Lightning in a Bottle] February
[Blogging Goals, Or Not] mid-January

No end of December post, [12 Days] instead
[Quotes on Writing and Blogging] November
[State of the Blog: Energy Usage] October
[Sine Die … Or Not] September
[Whither?] Blog prospects at end of post, but mostly New Horse!
Ditto July for Rocking S. Yay horse shows!
June skipped in a blizzard of Show Reports from Northeast GA
[State of the Blog: This & That] May
[Ze State of Ze Blog] April
[Reader Requests?] March
[Off Topic: Yay or Nay?]/[Poll Results] & [Future Planning] February
[Writing For A New Audience] January
[2013 In Review]
[Presents All Around] January for December 2013

[Chasing Perfection] November
[Attitude Check] October
[I’m Baaaaaack … With Camera] September
[Hiatus] August
[At Least I Got A Blog Post Out Of It] June
[New Project] May
[The Nature of Milestones: Nearing 500] April
[End of the Month Commentary: Identity] March
[Social Media Footprint] February
[End of the Month Commentary – Blogs] January

[End of the Month Commentary – By the Numbers] December 31
[Where Do We Go From Here?] December 20 for end of year one
[Literary Midwives] November 28 & [Foto Friday: Equine Photo Blogging] November 30
[NaBloPoMo – Midpoint Review] November 15
[Blogging Interjection] October 16
[Vox Clamantis in Deserto] September 30
[There Is No Control-Z for Reality] August 30 for July & Aug
[Cinder-blogging-ella] June 30
[Permanence] May 31
[Living Virtually] April 30
[Blogging Influences] March 31
[Numbers Game] March 9 for February
[Life As a First Draft] Jan 31

[Haiku Form]


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