Posts: Rolex Ky 3DE

Posts that mention Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event

Eventing Nation 2012

Horse Haiku: Eventing

Rodney’s Saga

State of the Blog: Another Aborted Twitter Adventure Containing a tweet about my livestreaming.

Louisville 2016
Pretty Ribbon

Livestream of Rolex XC Today!
Tweet Storage as of May 30, 2015, short Tweet stream from April 25
Show Today: Embrace the Day, Dixie Cup 2015

Lexington, but not Rolex Logistics: Shipping

Kentucky Memories
Spectators as Riders
Problems of the Cheering Section

Monday, Preparation: Peregrinatio in Stabilitate
Tuesday: Lexington, sorta
Wednesday, The Jog: Riding at Rolex
Thursday, Day 1: Digital Killed the Party
Friday, Day 2: Foto Friday: Celebrity Mounted Games
Saturday, Cross-Country: From Inside The Ropes
Sunday, Finale: Aftermath
Monday, Coming Back to Home: Living Virtually
Whoa There Cowboy

Mainsite: The Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event


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