Posts: Rolex, Kentucky Horse Park, & Lexington

Posts that mention Lexington, Kentucky Horse Park, &/or Rolex the Kentucky Three-Day Event.

[Virtual BreyerFest 2020, Haul I, Kentucky Horse Park Gift Shop]
[Happenings at the Horse Park, In Which I Live Virtually and Vicariously]

[Dream Rides, Shows] Lexington Junior League Horse Show at KHP
[Rodney in the Hall of Fame] Rodney Jenkins, Show Jumping Hall of Fame, Rolex Arena
[Watching Kentucky, Having Opinions] Land Rover KY 3D Event, thoughts after
[Times Change, KY Edition] Land Rover KY 3D Event, thoughts before
[Meet Rodney The Standardbred] Memorial at KHP

Stepping Stone Farm rider Reagan Upton rode in the Saddle Seat World Cup. I went to cheer.
The End of the Road, In Which I Consider the Price Of Living Vicariously
The Road Leads to Lexington
The Road Leads to the Kentucky Horse Park
My View From The Side Of The Road
Road to the World Cup, The Rest of the Show, Guest Post
Road to the World Cup, Show Report, Guest Post

CAA Carriage Festival
Show Photos: CAA 2017
7 Ways To Dodge Nostalgia
CAA Repercussions
Show Photos: CAA Carriage Festival 2017
Show Report: CAA Carriage Festival 2017
What I Love About Lexington
State of the Blog: Another Aborted Twitter Adventure Containing a tweet about my livestreaming.

Pretty Ribbon Participation/Finishing Awards
Louisville 2016 Iconic Horse Shows

Tweet Storage as of May 30, 2015, short Tweet stream from April 25
Show Today: Embrace the Day, Dixie Cup 2015 Paraphrasing KOC
Livestream of Rolex XC Today!

Logistics: Shipping Lexington, but not Rolex

Problems of the Cheering Section
Spectators as Riders
Kentucky Memories

Whoa There Cowboy
Monday, Coming Back to Home: Living Virtually
Sunday, Finale: Aftermath
Saturday, Cross-Country: From Inside The Ropes
Friday, Day 2: Foto Friday: Celebrity Mounted Games
Thursday, Day 1: Digital Killed the Party
Wednesday, The Jog: Riding at Rolex
Tuesday: Lexington, sorta
Monday, Preparation: Peregrinatio in Stabilitate

Guest Post
Horse Haiku: Eventing Eventing Nation 2012


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