Posts: Pandemic

March 2021
One Year Later

February 2021
Intruder Alert! The Vaccine Trials Volunteer Returns, Guest Post
Mood On Monday, Waiting For My Vaccine

January 2021
Debriefing The New Year
Mood On Monday, Safety Lecture
Virtual 2021, Digital Fun For Foot And Pedal, err on the side of caution.
Intake Interview for a New Year

December 2020
Mood on Monday, Be Careful Out There

November 2020
Mood On Monday, Reconsidering The Public Hug, Repost
Mood On Monday, Vaccine Trials Volunteer, Guest Post
The Year Without Horse Shows

October 2020
Mood On Monday, Waiting

September 2020
We Take A Small Hop Forward, Schooling at Falcon Hill Farm, September 2020
Mood On Monday, Considering Historical Inevitability
Clever C-Virus Graphics

August 2020
Mood On Monday, Same Same
Vetting In The Time Of The Virus

July 2020
State of the Blog, Awareness of the Outside World, Taking a Poll on a New Feature
Mood on Monday, When This Is Over
Mood On Monday, Upside, Hard To Be Happy
Mood On Monday, Upside, At Least The Horses Are Happy

June 2020
Mood On Monday, Exhaustion and Dead White Men
Mood On Monday, Putting The Outside World In Time Out
Mood On Monday, When?
Mood On Monday, Other Voices, A Dash of Hollandaise In The Cupcake
Outing Report, In Which I Venture To The Dentist
Mood On Monday, Venturing Out

May 2020
Blogging In A Time Of Crisis
Ride Away With Me, Virtually
If We Can’t Travel, At Least Our Postcards Can
Mood On Monday, Minor Inconveniences
In Which Horses Remind Us That They Don’t Care What Is Happening Globally
Mood On Monday, Pondering The Moment
The Mood On Monday, The Ugly Bits
We Are All In This Together

April 2020
The Horse World Goes Virtual
To Ride Or Not To Ride, The Question Is Irrelevant
Come Away With Me, Virtually
Annoying Shortages Not Related To The Virus, But Of Course The Current Situation Makes Everything Worse
Unintended Consequences
Shoeing at a Social Distance
Throw Ink At It, The Calligraphic Coronavirus Chronicles
Wishful Thinking, The New Normal, Non-Fiction Version
The New Normal, Fiction Fragment

March 2020
Stay Home, Show Your Horse
Finding the Lemonade. first use of ‘Stay safe. Stay sane’ closing.

Plus lots of Awareness of the Outside World introductory comments, which I may list at some point.


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