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spotted sunset IISpotted on Rodney’s Saga

[Spotted Spots Ghost Ads]
[Color & Shadow & Spotted]

[Spotted on the Vulcan Trail]
[Spotted at the Birmingham Mural]
[It’s All Grist for the Mill, Spotted at Kymulga Grist Mill]
[Spotted in NYC 2017 at a Special Place
[Spotted in NYC 2017

[Foto Friday: Spotted at Sibyl Temple]
[Spotted Practicing Eclipse Safety]
[Foto Friday: Spotted at Sunset]
[Foto Friday: Where in the World is Spotted? Guest Post]
[Foto Friday: Spotted at Oak Mountain State Park]
[Spotted in NYC 2016]

[Foto Friday: Roadside Spotted]

[Spotted On Christmas]
[Spotted in Various Locations]
[Spotted with a Friend]
[Spotted at the Zoo]
[Recursive Photography]

[Spotted Working Out]
[Spotted In The Changing Room]
[Spotted on the Green Shavings]
[Foto Friday: Spotted at the Library]
[Foto Friday: Spotted at American Village]
[Foto Friday: Spotted in Comparison]
[Foto Friday: Spotted Editing]
[Winter Tournament Banquet]
[Foto Friday: Snow Day Montage]
[A Spotted Background]
[Spotted at the Banquet]

[Foto Friday: Spotted at Sunset]
[Foto Friday: Spotted in GIMP]
[Show Report: Southeastern Charity, Conyers GA]
[I’m Baaaaaack … With Camera]
[To Keep You Amused]
[Midwestern Mounts]
[Spotted Who?]
[Spotted on the Service Truck]
[Spotted at the Bookstore]
[Spotted at the Dog Show II]
[Spotted at the Dog Show]
[Show Report: ASAC, Clemson, SC]
[Regular Programming]
[BrickFair: day 4 – Spotted at BrickFair]
[Foto Friday: The Look of Plastic Eagles]

[Spotted in Boston]

Spotted around the Internet
Whiskeytangofoxtrot 4: Eat My Dust (live version)
Horse Nation: 10 Horses That Resemble Dalmations
Dogbook: Brothers from another mother
I Can Haz Cheesburger: I Spotted a Baby Goat in my Yard!

DR Photography

DR Photography

Spot 2, aka My Circus Lady, lives over on Life, the Universe, and Everything: Adventures of a Curious Mind
Spotted at… Barnes & Noble
Spotted on the Portico – talking with the collie
Spotted at the racetrack…
Spotted perusing the menu
Spotted in Petco
Spotted checking out the gazebo
Eowyn and Spot (2) wonder about the laptop…
Spotted has been spotted!
Welcome to the Family
What was that?
Look for S2 to make her debut at model horse shows soon.


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